Release 0.9.12

In this release I have upgraded much of the user interface to use the final cards theme and richer chips and coins.

Next I will animate card draw and card flips.

I have also added 2 x frequently requested features.

Side Bet: Double 

The side bet "Double" will earn you double the money in Casino Mode if you have the money to cover the bet.

In Campaign Mode and Date Mode the dealer will remove 2 x items of clothing.
However, if you lose the dealer will put 2 x items of clothing back on.

Be careful when using this side bet.  It can be your salvation or your doom.

Game Save: Resume Undress

When you load a save game now the level of undress will be restored.

If you got the dealer down to her panties before you quit then then the next time you load the game she will be stripped down to her panties just as you left her.

You're welcome ;)


  • User Interface: Added new card images.
  • User Interface: A new Loading screen is displayed instead of cutting to a blank scene.
  • User Interface: Add all dealers to the Main Menu in their lingerie.
  • User Interface: Added new images to bottom right of screen represent the game modes instead of using plain text.
  • User Interface: Updated selectable cards used for Game Mode selection in New Game Wizard.
  • User Interface: The Gifts button is always visible now.
  • User Interface: the Gifts button is disabled unless you have gifts in your inventory and you have not used a gift in the last 3 x turns.
  • User Interface: Enlarged buttons and other elements to make it easier to click.
  • User Interface: Moved "Shuffling" graphic to the bottom right.
  • Mechanics: Added the ability to Double in Casino Mode if you have enough money to cover 2 x bet.
  • Mechanics: Added the ability to Double in Campaign/Date Mode if you removed at least 1 x item of clothing.
  • Mechanics: Changed deck to a Las Vegas Strip 8 deck.
  • Game Saves: Loading a game and resuming Campaign/Date Mode will respect the items of clothing you had stripped from that dealer.

Bug Fixes

  • User Interface: Changed dialogue font to a clearer more readable font.
  • Outfits: Removed an unnecessary level of clothing so Natsu difficulty ramp is more balanced.

Until next time, player.


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