Release 0.9.14

In this release I completely rebuilt the inventory system, added the Shop and included a new camera mode.

There is now only 1 big milestone between me and BETA. I will start work on the Photo Mode soon.


You can now purchase gifts, outfits and poses from the Shop.

I made sure that this system was easily extendable and it should be easy to import more content in future.

Orbit Camera

You can now rotate/zoom the camera around the dealer as she undresses and appreciate her from all angles.
This is one of the most requested features and it is a solid start in the Photo Mode.


  • Outfits: Added Nurse Uniform outfit.
  • Outfits: Added Virgin Killer Sweater outfit.
  • Mechanics: New mode to orbit the camera around the dealer to appreciate her from all angles.
  • Mechanics: Changed the playing deck to consist of 8 decks to make card draw more fair.
  • Mechanics: Date Mode now uses a dynamic dealer appetite setting based upon selected outfit instead of campaign settings.
  • Inventory: Expanded inventory system to contain Gifts, Outfits and Poses.
  • Game Saves: Upgraded older file formats to store unlocked outfits in the inventory.
  • User Interface: Moved the card deck and shuffle text to the right side of the screen above the game mode.
  • User Interface: Added Shop window to buy and display items in your inventory.
  • User Interface: Hide "Gift" button for Clara in campaign mode as she has no appetite at all.
  • User Interface: Use correct money formatting based on operating system locale settings.
  • User Interface: Added new outfits to the New Game wizard.
  • User Interface: Rearranged display for player money and current bet in Casino Mode.
  • User Interface: Animated fill and blinking of appetite icons when appetite is updated.
  • User Interface: Updated all selection cards to better resemble the playing deck cards.
  • Optimisation: Miscellaneous performance improvements.
  • Engine: Updated to Unity 2020.1.17

Bug Fixes

  • Mechanics: Gifts were not saving properly after being used after player turn.
  • Mechanics: Gifts appeared to be usable even when they were removed from inventory.

Until next time, player.


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