June 2022 Update

Welcome to June 2022!

Unfortunately I was not able to release a patch in May as intended due to some personal strife IRL.
However, progress is moving along quite well.


I have almost completed the Shop that has been "Coming Soon" forever.

Despite rigorous planning I did not anticipate having to tear down the existing Inventory and Gift systems.
But I did it.  And it's GREAT!

The shop now shows items available for purchase as well as items you already have in your inventory.
One easy place that tells you what you have and what you "could" have.

I can easily make items available in this screen in future as the 3D artist delivers more outfits and as I introduce more gifts.
I have even built in support for Poses.  More on this later.

The final part I am working on is allowing you to select the purchased outfits from the game wizard.

Game Saves

The changes to the Inventory system have broken the save files :(

I am working hard to preserve your existing save files so you do not lose any progress.

Voice Acting

I have completed the system that can play voice clips through dialogue and in respond to game events e.g. Win, Lose, Push, etc.

I am currently working with voice actors to bring the various characters to life.
More on this soon.

Photo Mode

As soon as the Shop is finished I will begin work on the Photo Mode.
This is the last big feature planned for Bedroom Blackjack.

That's right!  Bedroom Blackjack should officially be in BETA by July 2022!

Animation Assets

Unfortunately, the animator I hired to make the remaining stripping animations has come on some hard times.
Regrettably they are unable to deliver any animations at all.

We are parting on good terms and I wish them all the best.

I will begin the hiring process for a new animator soon.

3D Art Outfits

I am expecting 2 x new outfits very soon from the 3D artist that will be available in the Shop.

  • Nurse Outfit
  • Virgin Killer Sweater

These are just a couple of the many outfits that have been designed greenlit for modelling.

NOTE: The art in the screenshot is just placeholder art until the outfits are complete.

Release Delay

Sadly I cannot send out a new patch until I resolve the game save issues and allow you to select the purchased outfits.

I am not sure when this might be available, but I am working every spare minute to make this happen ASAP.
Please be patient.

Until next time, player.

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