Release 0.9.13

In this release I have completed the Appetite mechanic to act as a cooldown for giving gifts to dealers and laid the groundwork for upcoming voice acting.


Gifts can only be given if the dealer has an appetite for food or drink as shown in the bottom left corner.
This is a dating sim feature that ties in with the play deck and cheating a little to give you an edge.

Gifts are only usable in Campaign Mode and Date Mode.

Voice Clips

I spent some time adding the feature to play voice clips when viewing visual novel dialogue and when the dealer speaks in a speech bubble.

There are no voice clips available yet, but I have begun auditions for voice acting.
Watch this space.


  • Mechanics: You can only feed a dealer a food gift when she is hungry.
  • Mechanics: You can only feed a dealer a drink gift when she is thirsty.
  • User Interface: Dealer will tell you if she is not hungry or thirsty.
  • User Interface: Appetite icons fill up for hunger and thirst when a gift is used.
  • User Interface: Appetite icons become empty when a hand is played without using a gift.
  • User Interface: Tooltip over appetite icons will tell you if the dealer is hungry or thirsty.
  • User Interface: Only gifts you have in your inventory will be displayed when the Gift button is pressed.
  • User Interface: The Gift button will only be enabled if the dealer has an appetite and you have gift items in your inventory.

Bug Fixes

  • Mechanics: Fixed the payout amount for 5 Card Charlie win in Casino Mode.
  • User Interface: Gifts menu will display the correct items in your inventory after loading a saved game.

Until next time, player.


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