Public Release 0.20.1

This release may seem a little light on for features, but it took quite a bit of doing to get the game to dynamically stream in levels as you move between game areas.

It started with Decouping the GameController so the game state was flexible enough to be loaded and unloaded safely.  After adding streamable levels I had to redesign the way items and characters are spawned as well as support loading and saving.

This is an Early Alpha so expect to find many things to be missing and even some bugs.  I have not included any optimisation so some older PCs might struggle to run it.

You'll have to download the game from OneDrive  as it is currently too large to be uploaded to
Windows 64-bit
Windows 32-bit

Recommended Resolution: 16:9 e.g. 1920 x 1080  


  • Level: Added Greenfen Forest level (Work In Progress)
  • Level: Enabled streaming of game levels to improve performance.
  • Day/Night: New Skyboxes for Morning and Night.
  • HUD: Made changes to ensure stability.
  • Models: Added grey boxes for human houses in the village area.

Known Issues 

  • Camera clips through characters and terrain.
  • Girls hover above ground.
  • Tails clips through player and monster girl characters.
  • Player's run animation looks weird.
  • Player's legs look too long.
  • Water flickers in Fast quality mode.
  • Kuroka's Facial Expressions.
  • Boobs clip through clothing when moving sometimes.
  • Yuki's does not start the race or move at all.
  • Sensei's clothing is transparent in the Journal screen.
  • Player spawns behind some trees instead of in front of school.
  • Sometimes character's legs bend in ways they shouldn't.
  • Kuroka's eyes are pink at night.


Let me know if you find bugs or you want me to add something so I can prioritise your tasks. 

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Which village area?

It's in the Greenfen Forest region, but don't waste your time here.
There is a more recent build here

You'll need to download a two-part zip file from the website though.  The launcher won't work.