Public Release 0.28.1

In this release I have added the Eye shader for all characters using Character System 2.0. You can see from the image above that the eyes now have a more vivid colour and will also render properly at night.

I also added Natsu's thigh job service scene.  Her animation is still a work in progress as I experiment with my new animation tools. It's the second kink in the game and there is at least one more to come.

This build took a little longer than I expected because I was updating the database and animation tools for Character System 2.0, but it's a huge milestone as I import more and more of Character System 2.0 into the game.

This is an Early Alpha so expect to find many things to be missing and even some bugs.  I have not included any optimisation so some older PCs might struggle to run it.

Recommended Resolution: 16:9 e.g. 1920 x 1080  


  • Graphics: New eye materials from Character System 2.0 look better day or night.
  • H Scene: Added Natu's Thigh Job service scene (WIP).
  • Build size: Reduced the size on disk for game files.

Bug Fixes

  • Graphics: Removed pink outline from Kuroka's eyes.

Known Issues 

  • Camera clips through characters and terrain.
  • Girls hover above ground.
  • Tails clips through player and monster girl characters.
  • Player's run animation looks weird.
  • Player's legs look too long.
  • Water flickers in Fast quality mode.
  • Kuroka's Facial Expressions.
  • Boobs clip through clothing when moving sometimes.
  • Yuki's does not start the race or move at all.
  • Player spawns behind some trees instead of in front of school.
  • Sometimes character's legs bend in ways they shouldn't.
  • Legs and feet are sometimes twisted in H scenes.


Let me know if you find bugs or you want me to add something so I can prioritise your tasks. 


MonsterGirlTailesv0_28_1 467 MB
Jun 05, 2020
MonsterGirlTailesv0_28_1 470 MB
Jun 05, 2020

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