Pubic Release 0.31.0

I mainly focused no adding different eye colours to the characters and introducing the mysterious female founder statue.

I also worked on stabalising the game state and added a new loading screen when you start a new game.

This is an Alpha so expect to find many things to be missing and even some bugs.  I have not included any optimisation so some older PCs might struggle to run it.

Recommended Resolution: 16:9 e.g. 1920 x 1080


  • User Interface: New launcher and splash image.
  • User Interface: Added loading screen when starting a new game.
  • User Interface: Enabled different eye colours for player customisation.
  • User Interface: Enabled different eye colours for waifu customisation.
  • Level Design: Added Founder Statues for female founder.
  • Graphics: Added plaque for founder statues SinSwordAce.

Bug Fixes

  • User Interface: Fixed issue where selectors and buttons are not rendered in Main Menu.
  • Graphics: Fixed issue where waifu customisation was not changing the preview in Journal screen.

Known Issues

  • Camera clips through characters and terrain.
  • Girls hover above ground.
  • Tails clips through player and monster girl characters.
  • Player's run animation looks weird.
  • Player's legs look too long.
  • Water flickers in Fast quality mode.
  • Kuroka's Facial Expressions.
  • Boobs clip through clothing when moving sometimes.
  • Yuki's does not start the race or move at all.
  • Player spawns behind some trees instead of in front of school.
  • Sometimes character's legs bend in ways they shouldn't.
  • Legs and feet are sometimes twisted in H scenes.


Let me know if you find bugs or you want me to add something so I can prioritise your tasks.

Until next time, hunter.


MonsterGirlTailesv0_31_0 330 MB
Oct 08, 2020
MonsterGirlTailesv0_31_0 332 MB
Oct 08, 2020

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B-b-but what about how the player's dick is light-skinned when you choose the darker skin color?


Hi Vichus,

LOL.  This is because I was being lazy.  The dick prop is a placeholder and a replacement has been just around the corner for about 8 months.
I was putting off making a new texture because I didn't want to waste time on a placeholder penis prop.

I'll make a new brown skin texture for his junk in the next build.

Thanks for pointing it out :)

Kind regards,

I just release 0.33.0 that solves this issue.

Thanks again for bringing this to my attention.

Kind regards,