Public Release 0.11.0

This release introduces the new Audio Mixer and the ability to tailor the Audio Settings to your liking.

Now you can also Quick Save and Quick Load your game progress.  

This is an Early Alpha so expect to find many things to be missing and even some bugs.  I have not included any optimisation so some older PCs might struggle to run it.

Download it on a platform of your choice.

Recommended Resolution: 16:9 e.g. 1920 x 1080  


  • Fine tuned particle special effects to interactive items when nearby.
  • Added Audio Mixer to handle all music, sound effects, etc.
  • Added Audio Settings screen to tailor Audio Mixer.
  • Added ability to save Audio Settings to a preferences file.
  • Balanced all sound effects through Audio Mixer.
  • Improved some dialogue spelling and grammar.  Special thanks to Shayoko.
  • Added Quick Save (F5) to save game progress.
  • Added Quick Load (F9) to reload and resume game from Quick Save.

Known Issues 

  • Camera clips through characters and terrain.
  • Girls hover above ground.
  • Tails clips through player and monster girl characters.
  • Player's run animation looks weird.
  • Player's legs look too long.
  • Water flickers in Fast quality mode
  • Kuroka's Facial Expressions
  • Kuroka's boobs clip through her bikini when moving
  • Inventory drag icon sometimes hangs around after dragging items


Let me know if you find bugs or you want me to add something so I can prioritise your tasks.  


MonsterGirlTailesv0_11_0 248 MB
Apr 10, 2018
MonsterGirlTailesv0_11_0 250 MB
Apr 10, 2018

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is this game still worked on? or is it finished? and that, can we get past greenfen forest now?

Hi rhytmixer.  Yes, this game is still being worked on and is still getting monthly releases.

Greenfen Forest and at least one other level are coming.  Can’t  give an exact date because the level streaming  tech is still be worked on.

The levels are mostly done, but I want to load them without any loading screens.

thank you for the prompt reply, looking forward to your work!