Public Release 0.5.0

The new Public Release is here!

This is an Early Alpha so expect to find many things to be missing and even some bugs.  I have not included any optimisation so some older PCs might struggle to run it.

Recommended Resolution: 16:9 e.g. 1920 x 1080  


Normal Mode  Move: WASD  Interact: E  Rotate camera: Mouse Move

Dialogue Mode  Progress Dialogue/Select Choice - Left Click  

H Mode  Use the sliders to select the preferred speed and depth to please the monster girl.  Hold Right Click + Move Mouse - Rotate Camera  


  • Added Rin character
  • Added Master Hunter names carved into walls and trees

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed bug where clothing, hair styles and ears would disappear at certain camera angles

Known Issues 

  • Camera clips through characters and terrain.
  • Girls hover above ground.
  • Tails clips through player and monster girl characters.
  • Player's run animation looks weird.
  • Player's legs look too long.


Let me know if you find bugs or you want me to add something so I can prioritise your tasks.  

Get Monster Girl Tailes


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How do I pleasure the women to cum before or at the same time with depth and speed?

Experiment with the sliders until you find the sweet spot.

You’ll know what she likes when hearts appear on the screen.

The UI still needs work and in future her facial expressions will be a clue to how close you are.