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I like it a lot so far but a "help" feauture would be nice to know how to progress  through the story ; the models need some rework but overall the game is pretty cute . Can't wait for the next public release ( as I can't afford being a patron for now ) ; I would have liked some loli-like content but I understand why you may not feel like putting it in the game so it's daijobu.   = u =)b

Hi AsukaLangkey,

Thanks for the feedback.

I intend to add hints to the Journal screen in future.  Stay tuned.

The models have been reworked with more detail and different size hips, boobs, nipples.  I hope to get the new models in the game before the end of November.


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What's the progress on implementing a POV/first person camera for the h-scenes?

I can confidently say progress is 0%. 

I hadn’t considered it because the facial expressions will eventually provide clues on how well you are doing in the mini game.

I could add it for the H Service scenes though I guess.

I’ll add it as a dev task.

I wish is on Android & add joystick sounds idea huh 😎🤗


I’m afraid the graphics are too demanding for Android.  I won’t be able to ship to mobile devices.

I’m not sure what you mean by “joystick sounds”

Oh ok & I will try on PC Tho 😎

so good

very anxious for the next versions :D

Thanks, icecaboclo.

I’m so happy you like it.

um... the game wont start up even though it's next to the folder. 

Sorry for the lat reply.  I've been locked in a basement doing game dev.

That makes no sense!
Try the latest 0.14.0 build.  If the error persists maybe check your antivirus software.

I know my antivirus removes some Unity engine files which can cause this kind of behaviour.


Is there a way to get rid of the rocks yet? Stuck on this part

Sadly no.  I'm still building the other game areas.

Hopefully soon.

Hmm I think i've seen this in early development before

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Really enjoying the game keep up the good work cant wait to see whats next! couldnt help but notice after you give the kitty the fish and the following scene at least for me on boob was halfway down her abdomen as the other remained in the proper position.

Sounds like a boob physics error.  I know the physics can misbehave when running at low frame rates.
I can't replicate on my PC.  Can you attach a screenshot?


Haaa!   When boob physics goes wrong :)

Thanks for this.  I'll add it to my bug list

This bug is still there.


Is there any plan or possibility of a female protagonist?


I am afraid not.  I wanted to support female and non-binary protagonists, but I decided to keep it simple as this is my first game.  You can read more about it here

In future games I intend to offer that option.


I love the game so far. Can't wait for the Elven Village XD

Me too!  I’m still setting up the other two play locations including terrain, trees and water.  After that I’ll hire an environment artist to make some interesting locations worth exploring.


I love the game so far. I hope there will be a big update soon. Keep up the good work


Hi DrGrimmy.  Thanks for the praise.

Big things are on the horizon.  New game levels and environments, fresh new female models with various boob and hip sizes, more dialogue animations, more outfits and so much other stuff.

I’m doing my best to bring it together ASAP in my spare time.

Are you a  real doctor?

love the game so far, is there a story line to this? if there is that's great! ill just love it even more. o3o I also noticed that the guy's butt no clips through the pants while he walks, is that known or no? if not i'm glad i let u know. ^3^

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Good to hear from you, Xermonic.

Yes, there will be a ton of story to this game.  I’m focusing on building out some of the more crucial game systems first and then I’ll come back and do outfits and more story and more characters.

Will this game be ported to different platforms such as mac or linux?

Hi Cero.  Yes I will work to port this game to Mac and Linux.

I'm waiting for some features in Unity 2018.1 before I begin to support multiple platforms.
Which platform are you hoping for?

So sorry for the late reply, but I was looking forward to mac

Deleted 2 years ago

Short answer is, yes it’s a known issue.

This was my first pass at save files.  In version 0.11.0 I was able to save your Journal, Inventory and location.  In version 0.12.0 I made another pass to save clothing and customised appearance for your harem as well as show/hide items in the world.

Deleted 2 years ago

I’m glad you enjoyed it.  It’s nice to hear XD.

I did get the save working in the Patreon Release 0.12.0  Version 0.12.0 will be available here next month

Deleted 2 years ago

hi is There an android version maybe?

Hi Hector96,

I’m afraid not.  The game is quite large and the details of the characters and clothing would make for an awful frame rate on a mobile device.

As this is my first game I’ve decided to keep it simple and ship to PC with Mac and Linux versions hopefully following after that.

in v 0.8.0 i was walking around and found out a stuck point in waterfall center, i tried to pass in the top of the waterfall and fell down right to the stuck point.

The player boundaries have been changed since 0.8.0.  Does this still happen in the latest 0.10.0 release?

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v0.10.0 I just checked around the waterfall and pretty much everywhere else on the map thinking I had to find the fake elf ears instead of craft them. the only spot I didn't go through every square inch was the gap between the rocks since I read the mesh was a temporary and anyone that goes there never gets out.

Great game by the way ^^ can't wait to see more content and that hint of another Village in the Forest.

Thanks.  I have a lot more to come!

HINT: It’s on the  bank next to the pond.

I downloaded the game to test and I liked it, but are the initial map missions complete? I was trying to do all of them, but I can not continue some missions because I can not find the items. I just I found only the ball of wool, the fish, the sword and the fake elf ears.

I’m glad you liked it.

I’m still developing the game so there is only so far you can go with each girl and there is no way to leave the current map.

There are currently six girls and the Journal (press J) shows you how much content is available so far.  Once all the circles are filled you’ve completed all there is to do so far.

I’m developing new game features like a madman and I recently hired some new 3D artists so there is  more content all the time.

Thanks for playing.

where di you find the fish?

you might check near some water

thanks, i literally found it right after i posted this comment XD

Ver 0.9.0

Glitches/dialog improvement.

another thing i noticed was the inventory. you should be able to press I again to leave it. instead of the X.

there is also a lot of clipping. cameras going through walls. and walking through some walls like the boulders blocking the path.


has potential but needs a lot of improvement.

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Thank you so much for taking the time to write up a feedback document and providing screen shots.  It's enormously useful and not many people would take the time.
Now for some answers:

  • Spelling/Grammar suggestions are in version 0.11.0.
  • Bug where items remain in Inventory after use was fixed in version 0.10.0.
  • I key will close the Inventory, but there is a 0.5 second delay to avoid rapid load/unload of the screen.
  • The camera clipping is a problem that I have deferred until later because its a big job and there are bigger issues that require attention first.
  • Admittedly I was not careful with the boulder clipping.  They were a temp fix as the new levels are coming soon.

Thanks again for the feedback, shayoko.

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Hey umm..

I need help in getting out the boulder, I used the latest version. Is there some kind of tool in getting out the boulder and help me what and where is it? Because i'm kinda stuck in the same place. Although I liked your game so much, put some moaning sounds by the way but, what I need now is how do I get rid of the boulder? Also, what do I do when there is  newer version of the game, since I already have one?

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Can anyone help me? Ples?

There is no way to remove the boulders yet because I have not made the Greenfen Forest area yet.

I’m working on sounds at the moment and I hope to get it into the game for the Patreon Release 0.11.0

When the next version comes out there will be another zip file.  Just delete the old files and extract the new files to the same folder.  There is no save/load feature yet so no need to worry about losing your game progress.

 Be sure to follow me here so sends you a notification as soon as the next version comes out.

Oh and also can you add an feature where you can get to choose any position to fuck any girl ,also I already followed you since i made my comment so I hope for big changes!

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This is the first version which is working for me; until now, all froze at the first attempt of interaction (E), as I reported a few months back on the Patreon version at the time.

So whatever you changed since version 0.8.0 fixed this.

Another thing, I absolutely hate music in games, could you please add a method, even just a switch at this point, to turn it off?

At the moment I have to use the sound mixer to turn the sound off entirely, and I have no clue if there are useful sound effects because of this.

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Sorry to hear about the crashes.  Especially since you paid for it as a patron :( 
I remember you reported it and I trawled code & the error logs, but couldn’t find anything specific that would cause a crash in that piece of code.

I did make some modifications around interactions which must have fixed.

I’ve added a mixer to the game and I need to add a screen to manage it.  I’ll do that now.  Least I can do for you, my friend.

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Even for the purposes of the demo, it would be really nice if we could save. Can you set that up soon?

Also, the elf girl talks down to me like I'm a human even after I create and put on the fake elf ears... is she not implemented yet, or am I missing something?

I'm looking at adding a Save/Load feature soon. 

You're right.  The Fake Elf Ears are not usable in the current Public release, but it is in the current Patreon release.  The Journal screen shows this by only displaying 1 x circle for Rin.

More to come soon.

ฅ/ᐠ。ᆽ。ᐟ \ Hello~ 

This demo was pretty fun. Right from the start, I was surprised by the amount of detail on the map. It's quite a luscious and vibrant environment which tends to be rare in most indie games. I saw remnants of lore which was pretty cool too. 

The pacing and 'friendship' building was rather funny, and the rewarded sex scenes were a bit lacking in content. Considering this is just a demo, it's understandable. I'm just curious to see what the full release will be like. 

I think my only major complaint would be the appearance of the dialogue system. It just looks so 'meh'. That's really the only thing I'd complain about since I'm sure the title screen and menu options will have a better appearance by the end, and by then animations will look a lot better as well. 

Overall, this was a really fun demo! I wish you the best of luck with game development


Thanks for playing.

The dialogue UI is the biggest complaint I get.  It's something I've been putting off until I can hire a UX designer, but I'm beginning to think it needs attention sooner.

I think that as long as it gets implemented by the end it can wait for a bit. It doesn't affect gameplay in a negative sense after all since it's purely for decoration. Best of luck with the game!

.zip of 32-bit version of v0.7.1 is damaged.

x64 version is ok.

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Thanks for reporting this.  

I’m about to upload 0.8.0 and I’ll double check the zip files before uploading 

I'm glad being of help.

Best regards. Take care.

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A sexy ghost and a sexy undead zombie chick would be great.

Nice suggestions, but I'm afraid there won't be any in this game.  

I'm conscious of some monster girls being overdone in other games.

Hmmmm... Reconsidering zombie girl

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Please do :), I havent played much of the game, but what I have seen, it looks great. A graveyard somewhere would be cool. Maybe make it that you have to fix her headstone, clean her coffin and find her a comfortable pillow for her coffin so she sleeps better or some stuff along those lines.

Moved here to follow you and a few others, after deleting my Patreon account (I do not accept the changes they are making this month).

I completely understand.  I don’t support the changes myself and I will be writing to Patreon about it.

Glad your still with me though :)

Found you by randomly browsing trough Patreon. I like the dedication. Can't offer you any money but if you need some help with modeling (yep, for free. I have 0 expirience in pro work. I do it for hobby), just writte the msg.

Thanks for stopping by :)

I do need more artists.  Why don't you send me some of your work at  We can talk it over.

Deleted 219 days ago

I really wanted to, but I'm afraid not .  Here is why.


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Hi Poul, 

You should find download buttons for the 32-bit and 64-but versions on this page.

Just scroll down past the description and they should be above the comments section.

Alternatively you could go to

There are download links right under the video in the “Play It” section.

Let me know if you’re still having trouble and I’ll send you a direct link

When I go here - no download buttons appear 

There are no buttons that are specifically called "Download" on the Patreon.  There are orange hyperlinks under the video.

You can get the Window 32-bit version here.
You can get the Windows 64-bit version here.


I made a video about this and had fun ^^ 

game crashes everytime i try to launch farthest i get is name then it freezes, please help

I know that the game can sometimes take a while to load after you enter a name and click "OK".  I am not aware of any crash.freeze bugs in this version.

If you are running a PC that has old hardware it may be a performance issue that is to blame.  The game is not yet optimised I am afraid.

Please ensure you are running the correct version for your system.  For instance, the 64-bit build will not run on a 32-bit Windows PC.

A couple of questions:
*  Does the game freeze where the Task Manager says the game is "Not Responding".
* Or does it actually crash and give you an error message before closing the game?  If so what does the error message say?

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loving the game so far, but some notes,

Would it be possible to add a glow to intractable objects on the ground? Its been a pain trying to look for things on the ground.

Next, is there a way to reduce the movement speed while moving. It feels like you jump 5 or 10 feet with each step and it makes grabbing things like the ball of yarn almost impossible while in first person. 

Thanks in advance and I look forward to this becoming an even more awesome game. :3

Thanks for the feedback. It's honestly great to hear from the community.

In regard to your questions:

  • I'm experimenting with a glow outline and a sparkling particle effect at the moment for interactive items.
  • There is a walk and run mode available in the Early Release for $5 Veteran Hunter patrons this weekend.  This feature will be available here in 1 month if you don't want to become a patron.

I hope that answers all your questions.


Yes it did. Thank you very much. I do plan on supporting your game next month when I get paid. :3 I want to support a game with such potential. <3

Thanks. I appreciate all the support and kind words.

Can't wait to see you on Patreon and on Discord

Amazing game cannot wait to see it finished!

Lewd as expected, I quite liked it!

Make sure to follow me @ YouTube as i upload new videos every single day about random games like this!

Subscribe Today! ►

Game has alot of potential I had fun with what you've got done but a few things i recomend but this is all just my opinion

  • Make first person able to get a little closer
  • Have an outline toggle because the character outlines made things look a little less detailed on the models
  • Remove the camera snap for characters (i'm a perv who tries to look up skirts in games)
  • A help screen/options menu for volume and the like

Last thing is just a question of what monster girls do you plan on adding in the future?

Hi Tacoscout,

Thanks for the feedback.  I love hearing from people who have played the game.

Now to address your points:

  • I have to rework the first person camera to be a proper POV in preparation for VR.  Because it's still early this feature is a while off yet.
  • The character outlines went crazy for v 0.2 for some reason.  I'm still investigating, but shader outlines will be very subtle when I'm done with the bug catching and fine tuning.
  • I'll decrease the minimum camera rotation so you can get those sweet angles.  In a future release you will able to see camel toe.  I've got the pervs covered ;)
  • I'll bump the Options screen up the priority list.  I've already programmed the sound mixer so it should be easy.

In regard to monster girl species, I really don't want to give away too much just yet.  You can expect some old favourites like nekomata (cat), kitsune (fox), succubus, etc. but you can also expect some lesser known monster girls.
I'm also trying to be aware of monster girls in other games so as to avoid too much cross over.

I'll be announcing new monster girls as we go on the Patreon and Twitter.

I'm happy i got a reply and am looking forward to future updates

Not bad.

Thanks.  It's still early, but this is only going to get better.

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